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So in addition to looking cool and generally trying to fit in with the crowd, we often let our guard down, throw on some thick specs and get our geek on.  When this happens, we like to share the love and provide you with some little nuggets of information which are often pertinent, sometimes riveting, occasionally easy to read but always on point with current website and design trends.

Change of Address

My parents moved recently and like most of the older generation, my Mum turned to her pen and paper and immediately sent out Change of Address cards to let us, and everyone else she wanted to stay in contact with, know where they now were so that no contact was missed. No missing birthday cards, […]

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HTTP vs HTTPS – What it means to your website

Another day and yet another thing we need to be addressing to help our websites appear better in Google’s results. So, what is SSL and why has Google imposed we make this change?  An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an encryption technology which prevents hackers from intercepting data transferred from a user’s browser to a […]

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Window Dressing

With the current digital age your website is a shop front, a store window and for a lot of companies it is their only window display. So why do we not put as much effort into keeping it fresh? Marketing your seasonal products and promotions? Many companies will have a website built, tick that box on the […]

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