Window Dressing

With the current digital age your website is a shop front, a store window and for a lot of companies it is their only window display. So why do we not put as much effort into keeping it fresh? Marketing your seasonal products and promotions?

Many companies will have a website built, tick that box on the list and move on, without visiting it again until something goes wrong, or a few years have passed and it is no longer current. Visitors to your site will usually click away from your site if they are not engaged within the first few seconds – online customers are becoming more and more impatient! Why do we not take the time and effort to dress our homepage accordingly? Getting into the Christmas spirit, showcasing Christmas promotions, the free deliveries or even just the festive side of your business!

For the first time this year mobile overtook desktop as the device most used by customers visiting an online store: 50.3% of traffic came from mobile phones (40.3% from mobile phones, 10% from tablets) and just 49.7% from computers. (source Shopify)

If your site was made a couple of years ago – you can bet that you are not displaying your shop front on a mobile in the way that best represents your business and keeps your customers from seeking out a competitor.

‘Think with Google’ states that consumers are always ‘in the moment’: These moments are big opportunities for retailers; 51% of smartphone users say that the last time they used their device while in-store, the information they found online about a product or service influenced the decision they were planning to make, and 50% of those who researched on their smartphone bought from a company or brand other than the one they intended to because of the information received on their device in the moment. (source: Think with Google)

New banners, backgrounds, fonts, pop ups etc. are all easy to implement, cheap to create and have a huge effect on your pages and therefore will have a great affect on your conversations. And what’s more these images can be tailored to be used across your social media and email campaigns to help drive extra traffic to your site.

We can review your site, ensure you are on mobile and most importantly make sure that your shop, however it is visited, is the best experience for your customers.

Our design team prepare seasonal schedules for the whole year and prepare all the artwork for many companies, and would be only too happy to sit down with you and go through your site and your company design needs. Reach out today and come in to see what we can do for you

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