Summer School

So half way into 2017 and we can’t believe where the year has gone!  Well, actually we can – we have done so much and there is lots to be proud of.  However with all things there is rough with the smooth, and whist the LK train gathers speed we have also hit our first big bump.  Nabil, our trusted Apprentice Developer has punched his ticket and is moving on to another company in a slightly different direction.  Whilst we wish him all the best for his future, and his upcoming wedding, we also are secretly cursing his name and eating tubs of Chocolate ice cream feeling like dumped teenagers trying to work out how we can recover.

But we have a plan!  Dave is getting some office help in for a month or two to get our ship tight.  There are lots of big plans for Lillian Kelly, and he sees this as the opportunity to gain a new foothold on our ladder and steady our position.  We have a new temporary developer joining the team to help with the workload whilst we prepare the job description for another permanent developer – or maybe two! If you know of anyone with WordPress (PHP) and / or Shopify (Liquid) skills looking for a job, please point them in our direction.

So with Summer officially here (well not quite today, or this week!) we are actually feeling good in the office with a great handful of new jobs, and more importantly some fantastic opportunities for relationships with a few companies in the Marketing field who are missing a design arm from their arsenal. Our great  graphic design work has also sparked some great contract interest from our clients who are booking days each month to secure our handy work on a long term basis. But more importantly we have been doing more work locally around Banstead, in Surrey for Website Design, logo and brand design as well as just getting out name out there for being one of the best in the business – which we are obviously very modest about!

The fridge is constantly filled with chilled water, and our faces are alight with smiles.  The only thing missing is you and your project brief, and then the office is complete!  So pick up the phone today and see what we can do for you this summer!

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