Summer Lovin…

…It happened so fast! We all know the words to this golden oldie.  The cheesy smiles, catchy lines and infectious songs will stay with us for generations and will be loved by people the world over.  But not everything which is created stands the tests of time, and as a business looking to keep customers interested and entice new customers in, keeping your brand fresh is something which often gets overlooked.  With a modern society being so impatient, a dull brand or dated website can be enough to put off a potential client in a matter of seconds.

A brand refresh doesn’t have to mean starting over again, in most cases a small tweak here and there can keep your brand’s character recognisable, whilst still showing off a new sleek edge.  If you’re unsure of your brands street-cred why not ask your friends or family. A focus group of honest people is always a good place to start.

We have been busy doing a handful of brand refresh jobs, and in most cases the smallest change has the biggest impact – it just often takes a great eye (like ours ‘ahem’) to see what is needed.  And as always we’re loving meeting new people from different industries and walks of life and seeing some of the sternest of faces crack a smile when we produce the good stuff!  We’re wrapping up the office refurb this month complete with a art section with drawing desks and funky stools, and as much as Dave loves how they look, they would look better with his bum perched on them and your logo on the production line.

If you would like to discuss your brand or website and to get an insight to what we could do for you – free of charge, and we’ll even chuck in a coffee! – please drop us a line and see for yourself.

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