Giving up smoking or alcohol for October is now a thing, with people jumping on the health band wagon and raising money by giving up vices for the month. However, I do chuckle to myself seeing my social media feeds, in this first week, cluttered with posts of ‘Failtober’ ‘Stop-Stoptober’ and the like. All the people who caved in didn’t see it through for various reasons – most of whom I think never actually had a real intention of seeing it through. It’s funny then to see how some people state that after a week of not drinking and eating healthy has had zero affect on their waistline or the scales.
Let’s segue this into marketing, in particular our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).
This is a process in which work on-site (your website) and off-site is doing over time to help improve your organic ranking on Search Engines – not to be confused with Pay Per Click (PPC). We receive weekly calls from potential clients asking us to “do SEO” to their site for a month and then they will assess it. With this we have to regrettably decline. In some circumstances it can take a year before the results can be seen and a ROI is noticed. SEO campaigns have to be planned out, attacked in a set way to ensure time is not wasted and that the right people find your business. We are proud of the work we do and the results which we have produced – for this reason we always insist of a minimum of 6 months to each campaign to give us enough time to see improvements and results.

Just like life and the ‘fad’ diets where you eat celery for a week and drink one ‘treat’ shake in the attempt to lose pounds (before you stop and pile it all back on by reverting to old habits), there are those who will guarantee you page 1 results in a week. This we call ‘Black Hat’ SEO. It is not a method which the likes of Google support, and when found out, you will find your site black listed and you will be non-existent – even worse than when you started! We operate with clear ‘White Hat’ techniques which will see an organic rise and results that last, with our usual friendly and warped sense of humour approach you will feel welcome in the Lillian Kelly club.

As with the start of all great relationships we welcome a chat over a tea or coffee in our warm office, to look at what we can do for you – completely free from obligation, but full of hope.

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