Gone is the hope of an Indian summer for September, instead we’re greeted by grey clouds, drizzly rain and a need for a coat! It’s even scary how dark the mornings are getting already. But as depressing as the speed this year is passing at or the weather, we must get up and get going. We heard a phrase of ‘Get up and Grow’ recently and couldn’t agree more.  We’re moving forward with the crowd and whilst maintaining our unique personality (which is obviously super cool) we are also adapting to our surroundings and their demands.

The past month has seen a huge rise in Shopify based work, which we love and are already experts in, so we have decided to capitalise on this and will be launching our Shopify department called ‘Shopifine’ – see what we did there? – where we will be Setting up, Tweaking and creating some frigging awesome bespoke Shopify sites.  Watch this space for full details in the next 2 weeks or drop by for a bit more info.

Outside planning to take over the world (well Banstead would be a good start) we have been working closely with our friends at TreatSMA ( again and have been helping them create a special, heartbreaking video educating people in what SMA (Spinal muscular atrophy) affects, and how there is a hope in a new drug which helps treat the disease. Of course our work for TreatSMA is pro bono, and we wish them all the best in their latest campaign.

Over the last few months of 2017 we will be trying to work closer with our clients in an attempt to have ‘Jerry Maguire’ type of approach, and hone in on the customer service we are striving to provide.  But as always the doors are open and the kettle is always on (as noisy as it is!) and Dave is getting really good at making tea, so pop in and shoot the breeze or see how we can help you step up to the next level with us, and do something pretty awesome!

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