September Reign

So it has been one month since we officially launched our new website and with that began our journey – and what a month it has been.

Nabil finished his Master’s course, Dave gained more grey hairs and Emma’s sense of humour crawled further into the gutter.  But that’s not all!  We have also had a great recipe for a successful month: a handful of websites, a sprinkle of Logos and Brand images, a pinch of SEO, a spoonful of Graphic Design a generous helping of development and tweaks and a pound of great attitude, laughs and honesty.

So well received has our start been that we’re already discussing staff growth, new office (yes even though we have just decorated our current one!) and we couldn’t be more excited.  To quote a friend with a bigger nose, “we’re buzzing” about the next couple of months with some truly awesome, game changing opportunities on the horizon which we will only be too happy to gloat about on our Social Media channels.

Even though the summer has burst it’s bubble and Autumn is here like a slap in the face, we’re not going to get all Game of Thrones and all that “Winter is Coming” malarky.  We’re embracing the Autumn wardrobe, keeping the coffee pot on and looking forward to the next project, challenge and journey we’re going to set on whether it is the logo for your new start up venture, or the big multi-national website for your products.  Come on in, the kettle’s on and we even have biscuits.

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