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We have always prided ourselves on having an eclectic group of clients and have enjoyed designing brands and building websites for a wide variety of industries across the world. But we have recognised that in certain areas we need to be specific and become ‘specialists’ in a field. So we have setup creatED, a company purely setup to create better websites and brands for schools. Led by Austin, the latest member of the team, creatED will focus on filling the gaps and solving the problems that schools face when re-branding, marketing and building websites and online portals.

Austin has come straight from the education industry, boasting 15 years experience and has left his last role as a Deputy Head in order to bring his expertise to this team and to work closely with the Lillian Kelly engine room, ensuring the best experience and the ultimate outcome.

We’re now in talks with our first round of clients and are offering some amazing discounts for our first clients to showcase what we can do, and to cement our place in the field. If you feel your school, or a school you know, may benefit from a meeting with Austin and the creatED team please do not hesitate and get in touch with us today!

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