Remember, Remember…

Fireworks outside.  Fireworks inside.  November was definitely a busy month, but one to remember!

We completed the third phase of our project to redesign the website for and we’re now tackling the last few extras before our mid December deadline, we increased our clientele down under with yet another site for our Australian friends and we have been penning our future for the next 12 months.  We have people coming to us more and more based on word of mouth or by examples of work they have seen, so we’re taking that as a good thing.

Nabil has been developing a handful of sites for some new clients, as well as turning some stunning designs into great new web presences for existing clients!  Emma continues to try and snap us working and playing, but in true fashion does keep us in shape and doing the right stuff.  We have successfully rebranded 4 companies in November and it seems like a growing trend for companies to come to us for excellent yet affordable re-branding options.

We’ve paid our deposit down for our new office and will officially be working out of there from January 3rd.  As of next week we’ll be painting walls and trying to make the place look funky and welcoming.  Emma will be on hand to help paint walls with a downpayment of Gin and a promise of Tonic.

As we step into December we’re going to be belting out Christmas songs (well Dave will) finishing off a few great new websites, starting several more and putting the final touches to our new support structure for 2017.  As usual we’ll be smiling and waiting for your call, to read your project brief, to get to know you and your brand and to share a Cinnamon Latte with you!

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