Halloween has passed, the frighteners were out in numbers last night hunting for tricks and treats, and we were in high spirits too!

We have been providing treats to all our clients all month with the great work we have been doing, and tricks on each other with Emma demanding embarrassing selfies and taking pictures when we’re not looking (www.instagram.com/lilliankellydesign).

But we’ve had a great month, working with Rockster dog food on their “Howloween” campaign, rescuing Jelly Kids Boutique and building them a new website in record time as well as some new brand images and other websites for some other great clients as well as now entering the third and final stage of our redesign of the UK Business Directory, TheBestOf.co.uk!

We’ve also been working on us; getting our ship in shape and thinking of new and great ways to grow our club and have you enjoy it as much as we do!  With that in mind, we are now introducing a ‘Thank You!’ gift for any website referrals we receive which convert into jobs – because we’re nice like that! So, the question really is “Do you prefer White or Red?”

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