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Like most people across the land, our Easter weekend was spent doing a bit of DIY.  We built some new desks in the office – and by built, we mean assembled – painted a couple of walls and installed some new equipment.  Whilst it was a successful project, the Swear Jar ate up our change and the first aid kit ran out of plasters and a couple of times we almost gave up to go to the pub.  The tiny Allen Keys which come with these flat pack desks were good, but when you encounter a tough nut or a small hole, they are almost useless.  And after several complaints Dave went off and got his tool kit from home with an Allen Key ratchet with more leverage and comfy grip – once armed with better equipment the environment changed and the end result was achieved a lot quicker. Mind you, I am not sure it’ll be a team task again should it arise!

Having the right tools for the job is a necessity, and having cheaper or even free options can get the job done by at a cost.  These days it seems Joe Bloggs – who always seems to be a friend’s Son – creates one website for a project using a free builder and is now a website designer.  Now, the phrase ‘Different Horses for different courses’ comes to mind and whilst in some cases these free online builders will do a job, and Joe can put the information in to them, there are many cases where it just doesn’t work and we have seen clients stung by huge bills for unfinished or badly executed projects and more often than not friendships have been tarnished.

We pride ourselves on using the latest industry software, which is paid for and which we are trained to use.  We do not use free online website builders and their standard themes. We design your website around your brand image and goal, and then we build your site from the ground up, by hand.  We take pride in crafting the work we do just as a Carpenter would take pride when sculpting their art.

Always seek a portfolio from those who are offering their services, check out their reviews (ours are mainly kept on the Lillian Kelly Facebook Page) and remember, there is always someone who will do it cheaper, but as with everything, you get for what you pay for.  And with us, we’ll even chuck in a coffee at our office and show you our new desks and painted walls…

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