Mayday Mayday

This is the Good ship Lillian, and we’re in trouble. We’re taking on water due to the amount of work we’re taking on – but alas don’t panic, we’re under great supervision, and are working smarter and keeping the flood at bay.

May was definitely a great month for us, we’ve seen a huge increase in new customers – new members of the club – and we’re really happy with the work we’re producing; new logos, re-brands, new websites, brochures, Search Engine Optimisation (with great results) and more! All powered by coffee, bad Dad jokes, even worse Spotify playlists and the occasional glimpse of Sunshine.

We set up a nice big TV display in the office to allow us to showcase your new website, review your project and sometimes just to look at pretty pictures – we also bough a kettle for Nabil’s green tea, so he’s just as happy!

As we step into the final quarter of our first year we’re now drawing up a brief for a new member to the Lillian Kelly team, and maybe just maybe, if a new contract proposal is agreed we’ll be taking on two! So watch this space, exciting times are on the horizon and the compass bearing is set to F**K YEAH!

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