Marching on

So we’re 6 months into our LK journey now and we’re beaming with pride but, more importantly, we’re having fun.  We’re thankful for the continued support and recommendations which help keep us busy and we’re thankful to Nespresso for fuelling our creativity. Alexa continues to play Enya, instead of Eminem, and we have finally worked out how to use the milk frother on the coffee machine.

On the production line we’re proud to be finishing about a dozen websites this month – including some really snazzy ones which include pension budget tools, job searches, 3D and Virtual Reality and more. We’re moving along in the hospitality industry and have onboard a few new restaurants. We’re  taking care of their menus, stationary, advertising, website and overall image and the results are looking amazing.

Now as we’re officially into Spring, the days will get longer and warmer, the office air-con will be tested and we’ll be rolling out some new support packages, improving our client portals and overall club experience. Emma and Dave will be running some networking events and training for members in house – in short we have a lot of work to do, but we’ll be taking pride with each step and look forward to meeting new people, and sending out wine to those who recommend us.

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