Lid Vision

I can see clearly now the pain has gone

When Michelle and Andy first came to see us, we had no idea about what their business was, but as they started to tell us we could tell immediately that this was something special and a product which is a game changer.  Their Lid Vision invention allows Motorcycle riders to wear glasses without the discomfort of the arms digging in the side of your head or crushing your ears.  We started with a brand image for them, which after a few revisions we nailed and they loved.  We them moved straight on to their first website as the product prototypes are launched and won’t be long before it’s off to market and a new eCommerce site will be needed.  We love these guys and their brand and are proud to have them in the club!

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Fabulous team. Dave has worked so hard in making our dreams come true. Always gone more than the extra mile!
Would recommend Lillian Kelly for your buisness needs. Excellent ! Excellent!

– Michelle Garcia, Lid Vision