Last of the Summer Wine

As we approach the final furlong of the Summer Holidays, for most of us our summer trip now seems a distant memory and the daily grind has once again become the norm. But this great Summer we have had in Britain has sparked something in a lot of people.  All you have to do is take a look around; there’s a smile here, a laugh there and a bounce in steps which wasn’t there before.  This small spate of humanity which the weather has brought with it has been a true pleasure to witness and be a part of.

The knock on effect is that people are venturing out more.  Shopping, eating, drinking, sightseeing etc. which also means people are spending more money.  With a focus on restaurants and drinking establishments, we have seen a lot of companies look to revamp their ‘First Look’ from new menus, to summer make-overs (with plans already in place for Autumnal artwork across the board).  It is the opportunity to make sure they have the best chance to convert that new customer, or keep the existing one.  For restaurants, menus are key.  They are downloaded online before any bookings are made, they are read outside before anyone ventures in and if they are not appealing or if they are designed wrong they could put off a potential customer.  Too much text and they can become overloaded with information, too little and they may miss something.  Bland and minimal use of colours can (in some cases) be boring, whereas over use of colours can appear cheap.  A great photo can get the mouth watering, but if it is not perfect it can do the exact opposite.  Too often going into a nice restaurant and being handed an A4 printed piece of paper, written in Word and printed upstairs can really make the whole experience get off to a bad start.

We have helped a number of pubs and restaurants this summer start their seasonal outlook by preparing themes to go with their menu selection – themes which will also be used across their social media, digital advertising and other marketing and we’re already getting great feedback.

If you feel your menus may be a little tired – why not come in and see what we can offer, you may be surprised at what we can do for you.

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