Dry January

It seemed like three quarters of the people we spoke to in the last month were partaking in an alcohol free January, or a sweet free January in comparison.  But for us, there was definitely wine, cakes and chocolate flowing here at gluttony central – but Dave has stopped taking sugar in his coffee and he thinks that’s a massive win!  But what was dry about our January? For us it was the new processes and software applications we bought in which remained water tight and did such a great job, cries of “why the hell didn’t we do this sooner?” can be heard all around (unless the soundtrack to The Greatest Showman is belting out the bangers at full blast whilst we get our grove on).  We’re carving through the work that is coming in and we’re now on a different level.

We’re launching several new sites, a few new logos (some more funky hand drawn master pieces for Ikigai Apparel’s Summer Logo and collection), printed brochures and hand outs and more, more, more!  The energy is high and we are now getting greedy, we want more!  With February being the Boss’s birthday we will run a few offers and as always we’d love to see you in the office for a coffee, a chat or even if you just want to drop off that leftover fruit cake…

Keep checking back in February for our new website!

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