Back to School

With British Summers usually lasting as long as a carton of milk out of a fridge, we’re pretty much all smiles here with the recent hot and sunny bank holiday weekend, and generally ok weather!  August has been a very busy month which has seen us work from either end of the spectrum with some of the latest software and tools to design and build with (if you haven’t used Adobe’s XD yet, you’re missing a trick!) and we have also gone back to bare basics for sketching pencil artwork for some seriously trendy logos – and we have enjoyed each challenge.  With the introduction of some new software we have also invested time to brushing up skills across the board and pushing our internal training (CPD as we have been told to call it!) which has got us really looking to push the boundaries and provide some pretty serious shizzle to our clients.

Dave’s currently in droid mode, putting in the hours to finish a select few projects he has been overseeing and he’s put a big star on the ‘Sept 1’ on the calendar stating ‘Dave’s earned a Beer’, so it’s evident a lot will be finished on Friday – but with 21 other projects on the production line there will be no resting on the laurels for long!

Amidst our return to the classroom, the fantastic production line and coffee with clients who frequent the office we’re also working on our own engine.  It has been a year since we launched (almost) so we’re revamping our own website, client portal and upgrading our processes (so keep an eye out for whats new and what it means for you, our beloved clientele).

Enjoy the last few weeks of the official ‘Summertime’ and here’s hoping for a hot September and busy beer gardens!

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