April Fuels

Where is 2017 going?  We cannot believe we’re fast approaching the half way mark of this year, it feels like only last week we were coming back after Christmas.  But when we look back we can see just how much ground we have covered.

This April has been a tough slog with some bigger projects requiring some out of the box thinking, and some nightshifts being pulled to guarantee the work to be done. With the weather outside starting to warm up, the office air con units are scheduled to be serviced and we may even look at getting some cold refreshments for the fridge.

We’ve seen a demo of the work we did for TheBestOf.co.uk and we’re excited to see it rolled out so we can boast about what a good job we have done, how great we are and not to forget our modesty. With added pressure from Emma, we succumbed and started a techie blog which we’ll post once a month on more geeky matters which we believe are relevant.

But all that aside we’re hard at work designing logos, brochures and adverts whilst building some pretty cool websites across many industries (particularly a luxury house building firm who sadly won’t pay us in the form of an awesome pad in Kingswood!) and we’re over the moon with some new clients coming in each week to see us.  Now we’re starting to get excited for the summer client lunches just around the corner and the possibility of a few great new challenges for us to get our teeth into.

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