18 and over for the 8%

Like everyone we have spoken to, 2017 was a complete whirlwind and passed us by far too quickly.  It’s scary how quick the years seem to pass when you’re busy! Now with 2018 firmly in full swing we’re full of beans and actually happy to be back in the office, and we’re determined not to be part of the 92% of people who fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions – we will remain in that 8%.

The end of last year saw us finish a couple of big projects for multinational firms, but it also saw us break away from what we set out to be – fun!  We got so tied into finishing these projects that the daily grind became a real drag!  So we spent most of December forward planning and making sure we maintain our individuality and ethos.

So we have new projects on the go, with new ways to manage them, new processes to ensure everyone is taken care of and most of all bigger goals which we want to share with everyone and most of all we’re actually excited about the year ahead and looking forward to remaining upbeat about work and life!

Wishing you the best for the year, and hoping we can help mould any dreams or visions you have into a reality.

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