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Even though we laugh and jest at Dave jetting off and working abroad in the beautiful country of Australia, it wasn’t a knee jerk reaction when he was invited back to Oz to just jump on a plane and leave everything behind.

There were several factors to consider:

Our UK based clients and how we would continue to give them the same standard of service; ensuring support was on hand and someone would always be there on the other end of the phone or email.

Our new office; getting it ‘work’ ready, being able to provide our great staff access, without having a proper opportunity to run through everything from the heater to the coffee machine – and of course the minor points like connecting to the network and accessing work files.

And most importantly; the effect on close family, spending so much time away.

It’s never forever, and opportunities like this are not a regular occurrence and hence, have to be taken seriously. Working abroad demonstrates to your current clients, and potential clients, that your work is of a standard that businesses are prepared to fly you to the other side of the world to work side by side with them to deliver that same (if not better) standard and working experience. It demonstrates a willingness to work in any time zone if the project is right but also, and most importantly, it gives you the exposure to new networks, new people and cultures.

Our presence down under has not gone unnoticed by companies both here and there, and the work itself has been highly commended.  Dave is often criticised for being a ‘Yes’ man, but in truth it’s saying yes to opportunities, no matter how straining they may be on work / life balances, that can lead to some great opportunities.  We love to be different, we love to travel and above all we love working with people – real people!

Armed with wi-fi and a laptop, fuelled with a flat white and a hob-nob, we can work anywhere. Next stop, Sweden (well after Banstead of course!).

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