January Sails

When planning ahead we tend to try and forecast workflow and new business based on experience and previous trends, and this year was exactly the same. We thought we’d have plenty of time in January to complete some outstanding works, get the office completely decorated and then work on some fun stuff for us to utilise over the course of the year. But this January has been different, we have seen a buzz like never before! New work, new clients, great opportunities, and pushing the boundaries of what we can visually achieve.

We read that 2017 is a 1 Universal Year that promises major changes, increased energy across the board on a worldwide scale. The universal year number, calculated from the calendar year, is supposed to represent the way the whole world is going – us mere mortals along with it! The events of a 1 Universal Year tend to resonate with starting things, discovering things, etc. Whether this Hocus Pocus is true or not, we’re riding the winds of change and are, to quote Nabil, firing on all cylinders.

We’re being recognised more widely than ever as an agency with real promise and talent (coupled with quick wit and sharp style) and with great power comes great responsibility! We have to maintain the standards we have set, and to do this we need to stay on top of everything. We will be looking for new staff very soon – both generally in the office and in the development engine room. Whilst Dave continues to promote the company and create the stunning visuals brands are buying in to (and sample the cultures of the world) the work continues to flow out of our lovely new office so why not pop in for a coffee, make sure no one is snoozing on the sofa, talk about your brand/project or even just for a chat. The coffee machine is always on, the heating masks the bite of winter and the La La Land soundtrack playing in the background, will warm the coldest of moods.

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