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Whilst the UK has been in a state of panic, disruption and over-reaction with the Siberian weather this past week, we have seen a lot of posts and media about how flakey the Transport system is and how things are running late and not efficiently due to snow and sub-zero temperatures. I would like to look at the positives of the service that did still run, even if a little late.

So many posts about ‘Snow Day’ and photos of people sledging or just being outside and not at work. The people that drive our trains, our buses or work in the offices which enable the transport to run at all, had to brave the roads to get to work to provide the means for everyone else to have an opportunity to get it. It’s this effort and dedication that has enabled things to still function at all. So I tip my hat to all service workers in the transport industry who have kept those who really wanted to, moving.

It’s that word ‘effort’ which resounds the most with me. It’s what makes the difference between winning and losing, and we can apply this to all aspects of life. With our websites we put the effort in to make sure they look great and work well, but it doesn’t stop there. So many people out there buy a great website, spend a fortune but will never spend any time on it from there and then wonder why the site doesn’t perform well in Search Engine results. We always tell people that you wouldn’t buy a Ferrari and keep in hidden in the garage, so why have a great site if you’re not going to get it seen. Basic SEO can be done by yourself just by keeping your site updated, writing a Blog maybe (who would waste time reading a blog!?), basically proving to Google and the other engines that your site is not stale, it is very much alive. But we also know with the ever growing list of things you need to be doing as a business owner tasks such as this get pushed to the bottom of the pile, or thrown in the bin completely. This is where nice guys like us can help. Our SEO plans are simple yet effective and do not cost you an arm or leg – plus we’re really friendly and have exceptionally good coffee in the office which you’re welcome to if you come in to talk to us*.

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