Ducks in a Row

There’s no time like now

Whilst we sit here and tell people how to get the best from their website, their marketing and maintaining their brand, it is easy to neglect our own Ducks, let along getting them in a row.

Things at Lillian Kelly have never been busier, and the work we’re carrying out – we couldn’t be prouder! But with our heads down on our clients projects we haven’t been the best at maintaining our own channels.  So we have sat down and conducted a meeting just as if we were talking to our clients.  Lists have been made and targets set.  I think in all walks of life we can all be guilty of dishing out great advice, and saying points with conviction but in reality we wouldn’t adhere to them ourselves.  Yes life (or work) gets in the way of all good plans sometimes, but making time to work on your business is essential, even an hour a week can make a big difference to just try and keep on point with your plans.  The old saying of hard work puts you in the places luck will find you, is one of my favourites and one I strongly believe in.  Too many small companies will wait until they are quiet to do some marketing to get busier again, but if they had maintained a level of work on their business the chances are they wouldn’t have become quiet in the first place.

So our plan starts at where we want to be, and we have drawn a basic map on how to get there. Being realistic and focusing on our minimal expectations of what time we will have to dedicate, we will not disappoint ourselves by under achieving. They are simple but effective plans which work for our clients, and we hope to work for us too.

Now with our Ducks getting into position, we’re energised and excited about the challenges on the table.  If you feel that you could benefit from an energy boost and an idea of where you could go as a business, reach out and arrange to pop in and see what we could do for you.

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